SKAR O2 Delhi

Project SKAR is a youth driven initiative pioneered by four global students in Mumbai in April 2020 to decrease the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

After successfully raising over Rs.1.5 Million (US$ 20,000) and distributing 468,000 masks and shields across 11 cities in India in 2020, we are back with PROJECT SKAR O2. We are raising funds to assist the severe shortage of OXYGEN in our capital, New Delhi.

The recent resurgence of COVID-19 has shaken the country to its core and exposed the collapse of our medical infrastructure. Patients are dying as doctors are struggling to save them from the lack of supplies like oxygen.

Our plan

Supply side - Our partner, Hi-Tech Industries Ltd, Mohali is Punjab’s leading oxygen supplier and is refilling oxygen cylinders for free.

Distribution side - Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Rajouri Garden is our distribution partner for supplying oxygen cylinders to residents of Delhi free of cost via their team of volunteers/sewadars.

Funds will be raised for procuring oxygen cylinders. We would be humbled if you would support our campaign.

Please click the link below and spread the word.

Even the smallest contribution will save lives.


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A deadly wave of COVID-19 has swept through the country. Resources are at a severe shortage. 20% of Delhi’s population resides in slum dwellings. The Little India Foundation, in collaboration with Project SKAR, will accelerate the supply of food to the residents of the Rangpuri slums in New Delhi. Moreover, infected households face an even tougher task to obtain basic resources.

Initially, we will provide meal packets to the Israeli camp of the Rangpuri Basti, and gradually we will expand to the rest of the slums. These Ration kits will contain, 5 kg rice , 5 kg atta , 1 kg oil, 2 kg lentils, 1 packet salt, 1.5 kilo sugar and Spices.

In this time, it is imperative that humanity unites for the greater good. Project SKAR requests you to contribute in any way possible. Our actions in isolation may not carry much significance but together they can compound to remarkable results.

Ambassadors USA

Universal Granite Marble

Amrita Johar

18, Chicago

Mishika Narula

 24, Chicago

Namrita Narula

 20, Chicago

Ambassadors India

Little India Foundation

Suhana Bhasin

16, Mumbai

Nishchay Nichani

 13, Mumbai

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 20, Mumbai

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19, Nagpur